3 palms pizzeria

Crocker Park is one of my favorite places to get my shopping done in Cleveland! They have a variety of stores we don’t have at the mall closest to me and plenty of lunch and dinner options. When Crocker Park started to expand (I guess it’s been a few years now?), I was excited to find out that they were getting a 3 Palms Pizzeria. I had tried this place in Hudson a few times and really enjoyed it!

What I love: 

  • I always start with one of the meatball plates. I am not a red meat eater and it can be hard to find a place with turkey or chicken meatballs. 3 Palms has a chicken/turkey combo and a veggie meatball. So good! The meatball plate is basically one giant meatball with your choice of sauce (I like the pesto or mushroom). It’s super filling and can definitely be shared between two people.
  • The pizza at 3 Palms is Neapolitan style and cooked in a wood burning oven. My favorites are the classic margherita, the diavlo with no salami and the funghi.
  • They have more than just pizza, too! I always get a salad when I go here (the 3 Palms salad is to die for) but they also have pastas and sandwiches. Truly something for everyone.
  • The rustic decor is on point, from the wood tables to the iron light fixtures. I wouldn’t mind my house looking like this place!
  • Part of the kitchen area is exposed. Greylen loves to watch them cook!

I love this addition to Crocker Park! There seem to be a lot of chains that pop up there and so it’s nice to have a smaller, more local option.

Where? Crocker Park – 281 Main Street, Westlake, OH // 60 Village Way, Hudson, OH

Have you tried this spot yet? What did you think?