4 places in cleveland to get a great cup of coffee

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I always say there’s nothing like the first sip of coffee each day (or like the first sip of wine but that’s a post for another day…). I could drink coffee literally all day. Like until I get into bed. Sometimes in bed. Lucky for me and my caffeine addiction, in Cleveland, we’re surrounded by so many local coffee shops. Here are some worth checking out:

Savor the Moment, West Park
I love, love, love this place (read my full post here). It’s quirky and full of character. Plus, they make the best peanut butter mocha EVER.

Blackbird Baking Co, Rocky River
Blackbird has great coffee but they also have great baked goods that are made from scratch, fresh each day. My favorite thing about Blackbird is their happy hour. For the last hour they are open each day, baked goods are half off. I’ve been there when the line has been out the door – it’s that good! This is also one of my favorite places to sit down with a drink and stay awhile. The atmosphere is perfect!

Pour Cleveland, Downtown
When I worked downtown, this was my go-to coffee shop. As the name suggests, Pour specializes in pour over coffee. Cups are made to order with high-quality coffee and by very knowledgable (and awesome!) baristas. It takes some time and is a little pricier but the final product is worth every penny.

Rising Star Coffee, Hingetown & Little Italy
Full disclosure, this one is actually still on my coffee bucket list. However, I’ve heard nothing but amazing things. They make each drink to order and put a lot of thought and creativity into every cup. Iron chef Michael Symon also claims this is the best coffee ever, not just in Cleveland, so it sounds like I need to give it a try ASAP.

I know there about 1,000 more. What’s your favorite Cleveland coffee shop?