5 activities to keep kids busy

How’s it going? Not going to lie, a lot of our days lately have looked like this:

This is all so crazy and hard to comprehend. I have lots of thoughts and emotions that I’ll probably keep off of the blog/social media but since lots of us are likely attempting to keep small kids entertained at home right now, I thought I’d share a few activities that I’ve found helpful and fun the past couple of weeks! At first, I tried to keep a “schedule” (you know those pretty ones you see on Pinterest and Instagram?) but with my kid’s ages, it just really wasn’t going to fly. So this week, we’re following a little bit of a routine but mostly just doing what we want, when we want. And yeah, lots and lots of screen time.

These are activities that have kept the kids busy for awhile (like at least 30 minutes) so the set up time is totally worth it. I’ve tried a few activities that took longer to set up and then kept the kids busy for about 5 minutes. Those are not on this list. 🙂 Also, I really can’t take credit for any of these…I found them on social media or from friends. One of the awesome things that has come out of all of this is that people are coming together from all over the place to share ideas, help others out, etc.


What you need: magazines, glue, scissors, paper
*We use this mat from Amazon (thanks to a friend for suggesting it!)
What you do: Let child cut out pictures from a magazine and glue on a piece of paper; You could do themes (like things that start with ‘G,’ animals, etc.)

Colored-theme bath

We FaceTimed a friend yesterday and her daughter was in a colored bath! Grey was so jealous so we had to do the same.
What you need:
Bath 🙂 and a bunch of different water-friendly household objects in the same color (blocks, legos, cups, etc.)
What you do: Let kids play with objects in the bath; You can even dye the water if you dare!

Sensory bins

What you need: beans or rice (or even water if you’re feeling up to it!), bins, household items (cups, kitchen utensils, funnel); I got all of my supplies from the Dollar Store
*We use this mat from Amazon
What you do: Fill bins with beans/rice/water; Let child pour, scoop, dig, etc.

Painter’s tape shape sorting

What you need: painter’s tape, objects in different shapes
What you do: Use painter’s tape to draw shapes on the floor; Ask child to sort objects by shape; Grey likes to be timed to see how fast she can do it!

Alphabet scavenger hunt

What you need: paper, household items
What you do: Write the alphabet on a piece of long paper; Ask child to find an object around the house that starts with each letter and place it with that letter on the paper

I also discovered Cosmic Kids Yoga and Art Hub for Kids this week. We’ve spent a ton of time on both!

We’re all in this together! If you have any ideas, drop them below!


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