Baby #3!

Well, hello! I forgot the password to my own blog (seriously, I had to reset it)…it’s been awhile! I think we can all agree that life in a pandemic just doesn’t feel the same and the same goes for blogging. There’s just so much else going on and it just kind of got moved to the back burner (However, I have, kind of, tried to keep up with my Instagram with the exception of being “banned” – that’s a story for another day!).

But, a bit of a life update! We’ve been laying low, doing projects around the house, Nixon turned 2, we started doing “school” at home, and oh yeah, we are having another baby! Yay! It’s a boy and he should be joining our family in early 2021.

So far, it’s been pretty similar to my other pregnancies, which means I’m about halfway through and still super sick. I haven’t seemed to get that 2nd trimester energy…at all! But, I could not be more thankful to be pregnant again and that so far, everything looks great.

Greylen is very excited and is finally coming around to the idea of having another brother (she was reallllly hoping for a girl). Nixon has no idea what is going on but I’m sure he will be thrilled to have another little buddy!

I plan to pop on here more often…I want to do a post about some of my favorite clothes right now (hint: it’s still a lot of sweats) and definitely some home updates. And, I’m sure I will have some fun things to share when the holidays roll around. They are coming quick!

Until then, stay safe and healthy!