bakersfield in ohio city

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I had heard rumors of Bakersfield coming to Ohio City for years and was so excited when I finally saw the sign go up almost caddy corner to the West Side Market! I’ve been to Bakersfield in both Columbus and Cincinnati and I think it’s the perfect addition to Cleveland. You’ll find excellent margs, a simple (yet delish) menu and some of the best guac you’ve ever had. My mom, G and I visited the new location the other day and had the best experience!

What I love:

  • My favorite taco was the Huitlacoche (corn, corn truffle, onion, cheese) and my mom loved the Pollo Rojo (braised chicken, salsa, crema, cilantro, cheese, onion). All of the tortillas are homemade and they are so, so good.
  • We LOVED the guac but really want to try the queso next time.
  • They have the best little kids menu! It was only $3 for a chicken quesadilla for Greylen. It was really good, too (I would know…I ate half of it).
  • The patio is GREAT! It was nice out and they had all of the windows open (they are like garage doors). It’s such a cool vibe, perfect for a day or night out in one of Cleveland’s most fun areas! And how cute is that painting on the side wall?!

Where? 2058 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113