blogging basics: cleaning up your blog

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.35.02 PMmug

My house, guys. It’s in DIRE need of a deep clean. Chances are that’s not going to happen any time soon. But, want to know what’s more fun (and easier) than cleaning your house? Cleaning your blog! Here are some quick (like under 10 minutes quick)¬†things you can do to refresh your blog.

Update your ‘about’ page and other static pages
I never realized how many people look at an about page until I checked my own analytics (more on that below!) but I guess it makes sense. Whenever I find a blogger I love, I go straight to their about page to learn more about them. Make sure the content is still relevant and current.

Click around!
Are there any broken links? What about images that aren’t showing up? Fix them! Is there a series or category you rarely post about anymore? Remove it from your navigation.

Check your analytics
This isn’t really cleaning but more of a check. Check our your analytics. You do have Google Analytics installed, right?! If not, do it! Check your metrics to see what types of content has performed the best. Write more of it. Also don’t forget to check out your social media analytics. When do posts get the most engagement? Take note and start to build your promotion strategy with that information.

Delete (or finish!) any drafts
I am notorious for starting posts and forgetting about them. In fact, I started this post months ago and it was just sitting in my drafts. Take a look at any posts you have started but not finished. If you plan to finish them, do it! If not, delete them!

Update your plugins
If you’re using WordPress (see why I love it here!), check for plugin updates and install them.

Update your head shot
It can be hard to part with a good head shot (I’ve had that one to your right for a lonnnng time now) but sometimes, it can give your blog look the perfect little face lift!

Easy enough, right?! Bloggers, what other tips do you have for cleaning up your blog?