bomba tacos & rum

There’s a new-ish taco place in town and I’m in love. I tried Bomba Tacos & Rum this week for taco Tuesday and let me tell you, it really hit the spot.


What I love:

  • We started with the “chips” and fire roasted tomato salsa. I say “chips” because they are actually a mix of yucca, plaintains (my favorite), malanga and corn chips. A unique twist on chips and salsa and totally delicious.
  • I ordered 2 tacos, the zucchini and black bean and the chipotle mushroom. Both were great but the standout for me was the zucchini and black bean. It had just the right amount of spice and I am a sucker for sweet corn.
  • The stars of the show were the churros pictured below. Served with Mexican chocolate and marshmallow fluff (yep…), they were warm, cinnamon-y goodness. What’s not to love?!
  • The overall atmosphere was great. I love the decor and the staff was so friendly. Our waiter was hilarious and the hostess even sent over the churros free of charge because she knew my friend.
  • If you are a basic gal like myself, they have pumpkin mojitos on special right now. I obviously could not have one but in my mind, they taste delicious.
  • My bill was $8. Yep, $8. Again, I wasn’t drinking, but this place is affordable!


All in all, Bomba is a hit and you should definitely try it!