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There’s a new donut shop in town. But, if you’re from the area, this definitely isn’t the first time you’ve heard of Cleveland’s craft beer-based donuts – Brewnuts. I’ve had their donuts a couple times before at their pop-up shop and I’m so excited that this unique concept now has a permanent residence in the Detroit Shoreway area.

What I love: 

  • Brewnuts is more than just a donut shop, it’s a bar. Yes, a bar! Not only do they have coffee, they also offer beer on tap, and after the morning rush is over, they restock their shelves and open up again for happy hour.
  • Beer and donuts?! When I first heard this concept, I was skeptical. But, this combination is insanely good and truly genius. You don’t “taste” beer – you just get the BEST flavors from the different ones they use.
  • The donut flavors change daily and I’m excited that each time I go in, I’ll be able to try something different.
  • My favorite Brewnut I tried (I had 3…….) was the Apple Spice Crumb Cake. I can honestly say it’s the best donut I’ve ever had. If you can’t tell by the pictures, Greylen loved it too.
  • Speaking of G, this place is great for kids…at least it was in the morning when I was there! It’s casual, it’s fun and there’s plenty of seating.
  • How cute is the decor?! From the second you walk in (after pulling the rolling pin door handle!), you can tell that everything (everything!) was so thought out. That “donut mess with Cleveland” sign? Sooo Instagrammable.
  • I love a locally-owned business. It’s easy to see that Brewnuts loves Cleveland and Cleveland loves them right back!

Can’t wait to head back when I can pair a beer with one of these amazing donuts. I didn’t think drinking at 9am with an 18 month old would be appropriate…or would it?

Where? 6501 Detroit Rd, Cleveland, OH 44102