cabin club

Earlier this week, we celebrated our anniversary at Cabin Club in Westlake. It’s a cute little steakhouse in, you guessed it, a cabin. I had never been but Ben is a big fan so we decided to give it a shot.

cabin club2

What I loved:

  • The bread before our meal was fresh and warm. Doesn’t get much better than that!
  • I opted for the chicken marsala which was excellent. Now I will say, I did choose this by default. If you aren’t a big steak or seafood fan, there aren’t a ton of options. However, I love chicken marsala and so I was totally fine with this being one of my only choices. When it came to the table, Ben said “that’s a lot of food”…and then I proceeded to eat all of it so you can image how tasty it was. The sauce was thick and flavorful and it was served with button mushrooms and perfectly cooked asparagus. Delish.

 cabin club

  • Ben ordered the 24 oz. bone-in ribeye (a special that night) and judging by his clean plate, he loved it. According to him it was cooked and seasoned perfectly.
  • Our server knew it was our anniversary and so she brought over a complimentary chocolate mousse dessert. Layers of whipped cream, chocolate mousse and chocolate cookies…it was fabulous and a thoughtful treat!

All in all, Cabin Club is a very traditional steakhouse option and we really enjoyed our evening there. Our bill was $100 with tip for the two of us (Ben had a beer and I obviously didn’t drink) so it’s a little on the pricey side but great for a special night out!