choosing a car seat: britax vs. chicco

Coming at you with a Greylen post today. They are quite popular around here and I meannnnn, I guess I see why when I look at that face!


Today, it’s all about car seats. And, choosing one was kind of hard! It was one of the bigger ticket items we put on our registry so we wanted to be reallll confident in the decision. After some initial research, I narrowed it down to the Chicco KeyFit 30 and the Britax B Safe 35. Here’s what I checked out when comparing the two:

Obviously, safety was my number one priority. Both car seats were at the top of just about every list I looked at (including here and here) so I felt pretty confident about both from a safety standpoint. Though some of the ratings had the Britax ranked higher, right around the time we were looking, they recalled a bunch of infant car seats which made me a little nervous.


The Chicco Keyfit 30 model I looked at (and spoiler alert, ended up getting) retails for $229.99 and comes with a zip off boot for winter. The version without the boot is $199.99. The B Safe 35 retails for $209.99. Both come with a base for car install (something I didn’t know before I started shopping!).

Though safety was clearly the most important factor in my decision, I definitely wanted to choose a gender neutral color that I’d be able to use again if need be. I’m a neutral girl through and through – especially when it comes to things I’m going to have for awhile. Both the Chicco and the Britax come in a gray on black option and an all black option which was exactly what I was looking for. I ended up liking the Chicco pattern a little better. Again, not at all a priority but something I certainly looked at!



I read quite a few reviews when making a purchase, especially an important one. I looked at a bunch of different websites (including herehere and here). As always, I took the reviews with a grain of salt but they were able to provide me with some insight. I mostly looked at the cons to see if anything was a total deal breaker and learned that the Chicco Keyfit has a small canopy and fabric that might make the baby sweat while the Britax B Safe can be hard to level when installing.

When you choose an infant car seat, you’re pretty much choosing a stroller too. Most car seats are only compatible with one or a couple strollers that the brand you go with also makes. I made sure to look at prices and reviews for the stroller I’d most likely be getting with each car seat. I also checked out how much the bases for each seat were ($80 for Britax and $85 for Chicco) because I knew we’d want multiple (andddd, we’ve bought 3 extra since…oops).


After my research, I knew that there truly wasn’t a wrong choice. I’m sure you can tell from the pictures but we ended up going with the Chicco KeyFit 30 (the color is called obsidian). We got the Ubran stroller and the Liteway stroller (pictured below) to match and I love, love, love them all. Seriously 0 complaints. The Urban stroller was perfect was she was a tiny babe and needed to be in her carrier at all times and the Liteway is perfect now for evening walks and errands. I would highly recommend all three products to anyone in the market!

IMG_9356 IMG_9358 IMG_9361

What car seat do you have and do you like it?