cooking-themed kid’s gift

I always give themed gifts. My sister says it’s weird. But I think it just makes sense!

I wanted to share Grey’s birthday gift this year because it’s a fun one for kids around her age who love to cook. She’s always hopping up on the counter to help us make breakfast, lunch and dinner. She’s obsessed!

We are getting her a gift certificate to Young Chef’s Academy (I’ve been wanting to do this forever and she’s finally going to be old enough!) and put together this basket of real cooking stuff to go along with it. I don’t know what she will be most excited about – the books (the cookie one is interactive and so fun!), the pink utensils or the monogrammed hat and jacket!? I just about died when I saw that. It was kind of a splurge but 1000% worth it…it turned out even better than I expected! The white knives are actually toddler-safe and she has cut with one before. Such a fun (and safe!) way for kids to help out.

I’m so excited to give her this on Monday (how is my baby 3 on Monday?!) but couldn’t help but share before then!

utensil holder: tjmaxx
cooking tools: at home
measuring cups: at home
cutting board: tjmaxx
potholders: tjmaxx
knives: amazon
rolling pin: amazon
cookie book: amazon
tickle fingers book: amazon
hat and coat: etsy (my kids apron)
basket, pans, cupcake tins: dollar tree