corelife eatery

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There’s a new healthy food option in my city and I couldn’t be happier! CoreLife Eatery opened in Strongsville today (where the old Giant Eagle used to be) and of course I had to check it out immediately!

What I love:

  • It’s got a Chipotle feel. You can choose from the menu or walk through the line and create your own greens, grain or broth bowl from a ton of ingredients. They have pretty much everything you can think of. I was overwhelmed with all of the options!
  • It’s healthy and you actually know it’s heathy. Even when I go to places like Panera and get soup and salad or something I always know in the back of my mind it’s not actually that great for me. This place is really good and really good for you! You can definitely taste and see the freshness.
  • It’s fast but doesn’t feel like fast food. Perfect for a quick and healthy lunch or dinner you can feel good about.
  • I got the shiitake mushroom and roasted tofu broth bowl (vegetable broth, shiitake mushrooms, napa cabbage, shredded kale, roasted tofu, sprouts, ginger, lemongrass and sliced almonds). I added avocado and some Sriracha and it was perfect. I was surprised how hearty the vegetable broth tasted and how big the portion size was. I can’t wait to go back and try a grain or greens bowl!
  • The fresh squeezed blueberry mint lemonade was amazing! They have that and a variety of other lemonades and juices that are self serve.

Two broth bowls and two drinks ran us about $25 so it’s not the cheapest but sure is worth it! Definitely make sure to check it out if you find yourself in the Strongsville area.