currently craving: high waisted jeans

Maybe they are in style or maybeeee I just like that they cover areas that I’m not currently loving right now but I am really into high waisted denim akaaaaa “mom jeans” (a lot of stores are calling them that now and it makes me laugh and cringe at the same time).

Even when I’m not a month postpartum, I still think high rise jeans are super flattering and they make my legs look longer which is always a major plus for someone as short as I am! Now that I can finally shop for jeans again (I definitely was not buying them while pregnant…), I want to get a little more creative with the styles I wear. I’m loving straight leg, wide leg, embroidered and distressed styles. I’ve even seen some colored styles popping up at some of my favorite stores. It seems like only skinny and boyfriend jeans were “in” for so long and while I still love them, I’m excited to try out some new and fun trends!

As for what to wear with high waisted jeans, I’m always a fan of bodysuits or tighter shirts tucked in. This really makes the jeans the star of the show and accentuates the high waist. I also really like wearing high waisted jeans with crop tops because it’s an easy way to wear them without showing too much skin! 🙂 I recently got this belt for my birthday (my dream gift!) and can’t wait to wear it with some high waisted denim. So, I’m officially on the hunt! Where is your favorite place to shop for high rise jeans?