decorating a small bathroom

Our bathrooms are small (side note: small bathrooms with no natural light are hardddd to photograph) and they had been just sitting there undecorated for almost a year now. I finally got around to working on them and finishing up was definitely a small thing that made a big impact! This one is our main bathroom off the kitchen/living room area that most people use when they come over. The floor is my most favorite thing ever (we didn’t do it so I sadly have no details!) and I knew I wanted to keep everything else black and white to match.

Would you believe that this shelving unit (a $19 find at Marshall’s!) is THE most complimented thing in our house?! With a small bathroom, I found that it was so much easier to incorporate decor onto the wall vs. on top of the counters, etc. I love having candles and extra hand towels in the bathroom but the only way that was going to work here was with some kind of shelving unit. Because I got it at Marshall’s, I don’t have the link to mine but I did find some other fun options that I linked below.

Everything on the shelves I found super cheap at TJMaxx and Target mostly. I definitely suggest TJMaxx/Marshall’s for small decor items – they have the best candles, artificial plants, room sprays, etc! And, it’s usually pretty unique and not something that everyone has.

My best friend Sara owns Post Paper Goods and as soon as she came out with this Ohio print, I knew it had to go somewhere in our house. At first, I was going to use it as part of our Cleveland wall but I think I like it as more of a standalone piece here!

What do you think? Any tips for decorating small spaces?

shelf: marshall’s
candles: tjmaxx (dw home – love this brand!)
room spray: tjmaxx
planter: tjmaxx (similar)
hand towels: hearth & hand at target
houses: at home (also so cute!)
ohio print: post paper goods
towel tray: target
soap: target
soap dish: target