dempsey alton

Our 3rd baby, Dempsey Alton Schlather, joined us on 1/25/2021. It’s been a whirlwind of a couple months but he is fitting into our family perfectly.

Dempsey’s arrival was FAST and furious at 38 weeks on the dot. I had felt like I was in labor for WEEKS…I truly was the girl who cried labor. I thought every day was the day. Then, on 1/25, it finally was! My water broke around 1/1:30am and he was safely in my arms at 4:02am. I’ve never had my water break at home (only in the hospital) so it was definitely a different experience! I got to the hospital and walked to triage but at that point, things progressed extremely quickly. They wheeled me to the birthing unit and I was able to get an epidural that worked but only on the left side. I felt the urge to push as soon as they placed it. Luckily, I only had to push for two minutes (3rd baby…ha) so it wasn’t too bad. Besides trying to come out hand/arm first, it was a safe and smooth delivery. To be honest, I’m just glad we made it to the hospital. 🙂 I truly love the whole birthing experience and though it was quick, it was perfect.

His first name is one we had liked for awhile (it was a contendor when Nixon was born!) and his middle name is Ben’s grandpa’s. We love using family names for our kid’s middle names!

Moses basket is LuliLuli. Follow them on Instagram here to learn more about the company and be sure to use the code ‘RACHEL15’ for 15% off. I’m obsessed!

Our hospital stay was uneventful (which was great!). It was so weird to give birth during Covid – We’re used to a LOT of visitors and we couldn’t have any! It was different but, it was nice to relax and hang out with just Dempsey before the craziness began at home. We even read and listened to some podcasts – it was like a vacation! When we got home, I was really tired for a couple weeks but truly couldn’t have asked for a better recovery.

He was a crabby little guy for the first month and a half – like couldn’t put him down, cried 12 hours a day kind of crabby. None of our babies have cried as much as he did! But, we got him on some reflux meds and have changed a couple things with his feedings and he is a pretty smiley, happy guy now. He still isn’t sleeping great but my kids never do so I’m used to it! He loves to be held and worn, and already lights up when he sees his siblings.

Speaking of siblings, Grey is the best big sister ever. She’s so helpful and is OBSESSED with him in every way. And, she takes her role very seriously…always letting me know when it’s time to feed or change him. Nixon is just starting to give him the time of day which is nice. 🙂 He acts like he doesn’t care but then I’ll randomly catch him rubbing his head or saying hi to him. His reaction to seeing him for the first time was approximately 5 minutes of making fart noises (we caught it all on film – videos and photos – see the first photo below which captures their reactions perfectly!). I’m sure Nix and Demps will be the best of friends…someday!

It’s been chaos but in the best way. We have a lot of help and we are so thankful. I’m sure things will be slow here on the blog (as they have been) as we adjust to life with our last baby. Probably…maybe…

Photos by Little Bit Perfect