dempsey is one!

Photos by Little Bit Perfect

Did I include enough photos in this post?! Dempsers is one! We didn’t have a huge first birthday party like we normally do but we did have a great time celebrating with family. It was just as special!

Dempsey is the smiliest guy and so that HAD to be his birthday theme. The closed mouth smile is his signature move so the smiley face patches were perfect. Some cheap black sweatshirts and some hot glue and we were all in on the smiley outfit action!

We love doing these cake smash photos with the kids. I think Greylen’s first bite of cake was at her cake smash. Nixon’s was at probably 10 months. Dempsey’s was…umm…at maybe 6 months? Sooner? So, he was into the cake but didn’t go absolutely nuts for it. He was so cute and not even that messy! Little Bit Perfect always kills these photo shoots and I know that they are some of her favorites!

This guy continues to remind me that simple sometimes is better, it’s cool to go with the flow, and to always be happy. 🙂 We just love him!