fun valentine’s day ideas for toddlers

Greylen and I have had the best week leading up to Valentine’s Day! It’s one of my favorite holidays so maybe I go just a littleee bit overboard but, I’ve found that it doesn’t have to be difficult (or expensive!) to make these smaller holidays fun and special for toddlers. Here are some ideas to try!

Wear festive outfits
Whether it’s a new pair or pajamas, a headband or an outfit, I love shopping for things Grey can wear around holidays. If you’re real into it, twinning is always a good option. 🙂

grey’s sweatshirt // my sweatshirt

Make an easy treat
Greylen is just about 2 and is getting to the age where she wants to “help” with EVERYTHING. She loves watching and helping us cook, clean. etc. This week, we made Rice Krispie treats, which she could do so much of herself! I let her pick out napkins from the Target dollar section and we’ve been loving these for a fun little snack.

Give them a small gift
I don’t think every holiday has to involve a gift but Valentine’s Day is such a fun one! I’m definitely not talking big gifts either. Everything I got Grey was from the Target dollar section (food for her kitchen and a puzzle) or the bookstore (she is obsessed with this series). Just something little and fun to wake up to on Valentine’s Day morning!

Have a Valentine’s Day “party” at home
This past Saturday, my best friend and I had a “Galentine’s Day” with Grey! We did nails, decorated with window stickers, made snacks, played games, ordered pizza and watched a movie. As much as I am home with Greylen, I feel like I rarely spend a full day with her distraction-free. We had the best time!

Make cards
Greylen loves making cards to give to people. I usually buy blank cards at a craft store and then just let her decorate them with whatever we have at home – stickers, crayons, etc. Super simple!

Go out for a special breakfast or after school snack
Donuts are always a favorite in our house.

Include them in your traditions
Ever since I can remember, we’ve ordered a heart-shaped Giordano’s pizza and stayed in for Valentine’s Day. Now, of course, Greylen joins in on the fun!

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?