g is three! + rainbow-themed birthday brunch

my shirt: old navy; my jeans: levis (brand part of Shopbop’s buy more, save more sale right now!)
g’s dress: gymboree
nixon’s shirt: target

Party tip: Buy craft paper from the Dollar Store to put your food on. Easy clean up!

She’s kind, she’s wise beyond her years, she’s so independent and she’s 3! We had a great weekend celebrating our girl and we are definitely all feeling it today (so. tired.)!

In true Greylen fashion, she requested a rainbow-themed waffle party so we had our family over for brunch on Sunday. I got most of the decor from the Target dollar spot (score!), Ben made waffles and we did some catering from Market District (definitely recommend – it was awesome!). It was such a fun theme and there is a ton of rainbow stuff out right now so it worked out really well!

I always say these are the days and I really think that they are! It’s challenging at times but it’s just so fun watching these babes grow and show their personalities. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for miss G!

(most) Photos by Little Bit Perfect