unplugging, adventuring and drinking lots of wine with getaway!

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you’ve certainly seen the Getaway houses. You know the ones – tiny cabin, huge window, incredible view, definitely don’t look like they are in Ohio. But, they are! I stayed in one! And I haven’t stopped talking about it since!

Typical camping isn’t really my thing. But sign me up for an adventure and a beautiful rustic cabin with heat, a comfy bed and running water any day. Getaway invited me to stay overnight at their Beaver Creek/Lisbon, Ohio Outpost (about 1.5 hours from Cleveland) and it was the best way to wrap up 2019. Truly better than I ever even imagined it could be! A group of 4 of us made the trip and stayed in one of the 2-bed cabins. Definitely room for 4 but it’s tight so make sure you go with people you really like. Luckily, we did. 🙂

On our way, we stopped at The Vineyards at Pine Lake for a glass of wine before check-in. We were in no rush so we just saw the sign for a vineyard as we passed and pulled in. It was a great way to start the trip and I would definitely recommend it! As we made the 10-minute drive to the cabin after, we did see some other fun places that I’d like to check out next time.

From booking to check out and after, the attention to detail is what makes a Getaway trip so special. Their branding is onnnnn point (marketing nerd alert) and we kept finding little personalized touches we loved throughout our stay. They provide firewood and everything you need to make a meal like pans, plates, etc. (there is a stovetop in the cabin, too) – you just bring the ingredients. We made steak, chicken sausage and veggies. So good! The rest of our stay, we hiked around the Outpost, played card games, listened to music and drank lots of vino by the fire. One of the coolest parts was looking at the stars at night – it was magical. I didn’t get cell service during our stay (and if you do, you’re encouraged to leave your phone in a lock box) so you’re really forced to unplug and be present. It was such a nice change of pace and super relaxing!

Oh! And, Getaway is dog friendly so Clementine made the trip.

Ben and I are planning to take Greylen on our next Getaway trip (totally kid-friendly!) when it warms up. I can’t wait!

Getaway has Outposts all over the US. You can use code ‘CLEFASHIONISTA25’ when booking for $25 off your stay. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!