gifts for babies ages newborn-1+

You know who is really hard to shop for? Babies. You know who is even harder to shop for? Second babies. I am having the hardest time trying to figure out what to get Nix. I know it’s his first Christmas but he doesn’t really need¬†anything and I hate to just buy stuff to buy stuff. Here are some of the things we swear by that could make good gifts:

I think the Dockatot is my ultimate must-have baby item. I didn’t have one with Grey and I literally don’t know how we lived without it. Nixon sleeps in his at night and lounges in it during the day. If I’m cooking, he’s in it. Working out? In it. Showering? In it. It. is. the. best. The covers are so cute and you can even buy accessories like a bar/toys to make it an activity gym.

B. Zany Zoo activity cube
I don’t know why this thing is so entertaining for kids but it REALLY is. Greylen played with this forever and sometimes still does!

Play gym
I remember having the hardest time finding a cute gender neutral play gym/activity mat for Grey. Now, there are so many cute options! I’m loving this black and white one for Nixon.

Our kids each have gotten one of these and one of these as gifts and we get a ton of use out of them. The personalization is so fun and they will last for years and years.

If you think I’m above buying diapers/pacifiers/other essentials and wrapping them up, you would be wrong. Those things are expensive and it’s basically all they really need!

Nixon is 4.5 months and is drooling like CRAZY. He will definitely be getting some teethers this year. Greylen liked the one linked above and Nixon is really into these teething bibs currently!