gifts for expecting mamas

I can’t believe at this time last year, I was newly pregnant with my little man! These gifts would be perfect for a mama who is expecting or someone who just recently added a babe to their fam:

Mother’s Milk tea + mug
I swear by this tea and drink some every day! And a warm beverage is always more fun in a cute mug – I love this Mama Bear one and am always a sucker for an initial mug.

Baby’s first year calendar
We have written something short and quick in this calendar every day with both kids for the first year. The thought of a baby book is overwhelming to me so this is the perfect way to document milestones!

Diaper bag
I don’t personally have experience with this diaper bag but I got it for a friend recently and she loves it! It comes in neutral colors and is a backpack, which I swear by for a diaper bag now!

Milestone blanket
So happy I got one of these when Grey was born! It was so fun to display her monthly photos at her 1st birthday party and I’m having fun taking them of Nixon now.

Solly baby wrap
Another one of my all-time favorite baby items. My kids both loved to be worn so the Solly wrap literally saved my sanity. PS. the baby doll Solly wrap is a perfect big sibling gift 🙂 Grey loves hers!