gifts for girls ages 2-5+

Coming at you today with my second gift guide this year and it’s one that I’m super excited about – little girls’ (or boys’!) gifts! We’re pretty committed to not doing hugeee Christmas’ but instead investing in a few things for each kid that they can grow with. This guide includes a mix of things that Greylen has and LOVES or things that she may get this year (for reference, she will be 3 in February):

Melissa & Doug ice cream cart
This is filed under “things Grey has and is obsessed with.” My cousins got it for her last year and it has been a hit ever since. The signage also flips to a hot dog cart but G is all about the sweets so it’s usually on the ice cream side!

Hunter boots
My best friends got these for Greylen for her first birthday and although it took a little bit for her to grow into them, she is still wearing the SAME pair (that’s so crazy for kid’s shoes)! They work in the rain and the snow and they are definitely comfortable – G never complains when I tell her to put these on!

BOB books
We have been slowly but surely teaching Grey her letter sounds. My mom told me about these books the other day and we’re excited to try them!

KidKraft Play kitchen
The play kitchen is another fan favorite in our house and probably the most used toy we have! We love the quality of the KidKraft one and it’s priced right. Even better, it looks cute in our own kitchen! Because she loves this toy so much, she has received quite the collection of play food, plates, cups, etc. as gifts throughout the years.

Doll house
A doll house is always an investment (look for sales…I did!) but I think it’s totally worth it. I see this growing with Grey until she’s 7 or 8 years old, maybe older! This was her big gift last year and family got her the dolls/accessories to go inside of it! The Hape dolls and furniture¬†are pretty affordable and hold up well. She is loving this more and more as she gets older!

This is so fun for a play room or child’s room. We get a lot of use out of it as a reading corner/lounge space for the kids.

Kiwi Crate
We got this for all of the cousins one year and it was so fun! It’s a subscription service that sends age-appropriate science and art projects each month. Looking forward to checking something like this out for Grey this year.

Museum/zoo membership
A museum or zoo membership is the perfect gift that keeps on giving (and a great non-toy option!). Clevelanders, we absolutely love our Children’s Museum and Zoo memberships. Worth every penny!