greylen’s fresh 48 session

I can’t believe I ever debated if we were going to get newborn photos taken or not. Best. decision. ever. And, I was so lucky to have found Ashley from Ashley Sasak Photography. Seriously, I love her. From the moment you meet her, you want to be her friend – such a comforting characteristic in a photographer! Ashley specializes in lifestyle photography which is exactly what I wanted. She tries to capture reality (like changings, feedings, simple everyday interactions, etc.) and she perfectly captured the magic that was the first couple days we spent with little Greylen in the hospital. She never told us how to pose or to look at the camera and smile – it was all natural and I think you can really tell in the photos. I am so thankful to have these beautiful shots!

Honestly, I didn’t even pick my favorites for this post because they are all my favorites (seriously…all 100+ of them). These are just some I really love. And, there’s plenty more where these came from as Ashley came last week to take some pictures of Grey in her nursery and in our home. I can’t wait to see them and share them here soon. I have been dying to post some nursery shots because I love it so much so stay tuned!

greylenperry-1_WEB greylenperry-8_WEB greylenperry-13_WEB greylenperry-22_WEB greylenperry-25_WEB greylenperry-32_WEB greylenperry-39_WEB greylenperry-44_WEB greylenperry-52_WEB greylenperry-55_WEB greylenperry-63_WEB greylenperry-79_WEB greylenperry-99_WEB greylenperry-100_WEB greylenperry-108_WEB

Photos by Ashley Sasak Photography