greylen is 18 months!

IMG_3257 IMG_3258 IMG_3245 IMG_3243 IMG_3249 IMG_3246 IMG_3254 IMG_3247 IMG_3240 IMG_3259Grey18-1035 Grey18-1169 Grey18-1001 (2) Grey18-1010 Grey18-1033 Grey18-1252

This post is only about a month late…oops!

I couldn’t believe it was time to take more “milestone pictures” already! 18 months has gone SO fast. And, let me tell you, this stage is really challenging but it is so fun. Greylen is running (usually sprinting), talking in full paragraphs that we only sometimes understand and has a very independent, sassy personality! She still LOVES to eat nonstop, can color all day long and is obsessed with Minnie Mouse, the Trolls movie and shoe shopping (No joke! She is definitely my kid.). I was not planning on being in these photos but G was not in the best mood when we took them soooo sitting with her and peek-a-boo were about the only things that worked. #18montholdproblems

photos by Little Bit Perfect // teepee from land of nod