greylen is going to be a big sister!

Yay, our family is growing again! Baby #2 is due to arrive in the beginning of July and we can’t wait!

Greylen is so excited to have a sibling! She keeps saying we are going to have a baby in our family and asks me to show her my bare stomach in public pretty much daily. I’m not sure if she really understands but it seems like she is starting to get it! We are going to find out in February if the baby is a boy or a girl.¬†With Grey, I knew immediately that she was a girl. With this baby I have no idea! Originally, I thought it was a boy but now I’m not sure and I honestly don’t have a preference either way. One of each would be fun but it would be so cute for Grey to have a sister, too. It seems like this pregnancy has been different but I also wonder if I’m just not thinking about all of the symptoms and changes as much because I’m so busy with G!

We are so excited, and feel so fortunate, to add another little babe to our family. So…here we go again! As always, thanks for following along and celebrating with us!