greylen is two!

Just like that we have a two year old – a happy, sweet, smart, always-singing, always-hungry two year old! We had the best weekend celebrating our girl! The most fun part was how excited Greylen was even about the littlest things. She requested pizza for dinner  and talked about blowing her candles out for hours. We spent lots of time as a family and had cake 3 times. 🙂 It was a perfect couple of days!

Greylen’s birthday is so bittersweet for me and I found myself tearing up more times than one this weekend (am I just really pregnant or have others cried watching Moana?!). As rewarding as it is to see Greylen grow up, it’s SO hard thinking about how fast it has all gone. We watched tons of videos from when she was first born this weekend and it’s so crazy how little she was. She’s becoming more and more independent by the day and I just want her to need me forever!

Anyways, here’s to the next year with miss G, when she will take on a new role as a big sister and continue to show us her amazing little personality. Happy birthday, Grey!