greylen’s christmas tree

Yep, it’s the beginning of November and our Christmas decor is coming out. I don’t usually decorate this early but it’s 2020 and whatever brings the joy goes! Greylen has NEVER been as into Christmas or decorating her room as she is now – it’s seriously so fun. I noticed that Michael’s was having a sale on trees (everywhere is right now) so I got 2 for the kids – this one for Greylen’s room and this one for Nixon’s room. I’m actually going to go get them price adjusted because they are even cheaper than when I purchased (both under $60)…so now is the time to buy! One of our big trees is also this brand and I’m super impressed with the quality and how it has held up, especially for the price. Definitely recommend!

All of the decor is from Hobby Lobby. You cannot beat their Christmas selection and it’s all 50% off (I asked and it sounds like it stays like that all season long). I got all of the ribbon, ornaments, hooks (these are $1/pack and make the biggest difference), flowers, toppers, etc. for about $70 total! I took each kid to pick out their own stuff…Grey and I couldn’t believe we found colors to match her rainbow room. The best part of this is that Greylen did most of it (with assistance of course) and had sooo much fun with it. Picking out the decor and decorating these trees has been one of my favorite things I’ve done with them recently simply because of the joy on their faces! I’ll share Nixy’s soon…his room is harder to photograph. 🙂

Are you decorating for the holidays early this year? I say there are no rules so if you want to, go for it!

tree / puff balls / mauve small bulbs / mauve large bulbs / mint bulbs / pink ribbon / mint ribbon /
rose gold ball pick / white ball pickberries pick / curly pick / hooks / merry christmas banner