greylen’s in-home photography session

Are you sick of seeing pictures of my child yet?! I promise this won’t turn into strictly a baby/mom blog but since being a mom is the biggest thing in my life right now and always will be, I’ll be sharing things about Greylen here and there!

Anyways, if you didn’t catch my Fresh 48 or nursery reveal posts, we’ve been working with Ashley of Ashley Sasak Photography to capture some moments from the first couple weeks of Greylen’s life. I was blown away with our Fresh 48 photos and I’m even more blown away by these! Don’t get me wrong, I definitely do not have jeans on or my hair curled all the time but I think these pictures really do a great job of capturing what our life is like right now. Someday I will look back on these photos and remember what our first few weeks of being together looked and felt like. At some point we will move out of this house but I’m thankful that we will always have pictures to remember Greylen’s first room and details about where we first became a family. They also perfectly capture her personality which is, for now, verrrrry serious!

Again, I have to sing Ashley’s praises. She was so, so good with Greylen and got her to sleep way quicker than I would have been able to. She was patient with us and took all the time needed to get these amazing shots. If you are on the fence about getting newborn photos taken, you have to go for it (and use Ashley!). It’s sooo worth it!

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Photos by Ashley Sasak Photography