greylen’s name + onecklace





I’ve always loved the nickname Grey. We went back and forth between Greylen and Greysen but ultimately decided a couple months into my pregnancy on naming the baby Greylen and never looked back. I love its uniqueness and after finally seeing her, I think it’s a perfect fit.

Greylen’s middle name, Perry, is a family name. It’s my grandma’s maiden name. All of my siblings’ middle names are maiden names and so I thought I’d carry on the tradition. Greylen shares a middle name with my brother and a couple other family members!

We kept her name a secret throughout the whole pregnancy (from everyone!) and it was SO hard but really fun to hear people’s guesses. Somehow my mom was super close to guessing the full name…moms always know!

I knew I wanted to get a piece of jewelry with Grey’s initial on it and that’s why my Onecklace partnership could not have come at a better time. When my initial necklace came, I wanted to show it off immediately but had to wait since we weren’t sharing her name. Since she’s been born, I haven’t taken it off! Onecklace has a ton of really cool personalized jewelry. My necklace is 24k gold plated and is super high quality. I love bar necklaces right now and think they have a great selection (especially this one)! And right now, you can get 10% off of the Onecklace website using the code ‘clefashionista10.’ Happy shopping!




on me:
sweatpants (until further notice) and t-shirt: aerie
necklace: c/o onecklace

on Grey:
knotted gown: candy kirby designs
swaddle set: finn and olive