grey’s space-themed birthday party

Greylen turned four this past week (!) and we celebrated with a little cousin sleepover! We are so lucky that Grey’s cousins are some of her best friends! She is really into space and so that’s the theme we went with. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a party this year because she got a huge gift (see here!) and I was definitely able to put this together on the cheap side!

Pro tip: Whenever we are having a party, I cover the kitchen island with wrapping paper (got this roll at the Dollar Store!). Easiest clean-up ever!

$1 table cloth + printed moon for a fun game!

Shout out to Target dollar spot for having space party decor – score!

We did small bags for the kids to take home the next morning. Mostly Dollar Store finds – toy rockets, Milky Ways, moon rocks (Pop Rocks), and space socks (Target dollar spot!). I printed the tags on address labels I already had!

A party isn’t a party without a Kelsey Elizabeth cake! They just announced their new party flavors and I can’t wait to try!

Basic Invite is a great go-to for invitations. They offer unlimited color options so you can really personalize your invites to align with any theme. They are currently featuring their graduation party invitations but you can get something for pretty much any event on there! Use code code ’15FF51′ for 15% off!

Okay, we attempted “space slime” but it didn’t turn out. I needed more of the Magical Liquid (I only bought one bottle and could have used two). Soooo, instead I just had 8 kids with glue-y fingers, ha.

Easiest sleepover snack ever! I popped popcorn ahead of time and then had candy out so they could customize their own.

I downloaded Space Bingo on Etsy ($5) and had these printed at Staples for about $7. Used marshmallows as the markers!

Grey and Nixon wore these space jammies that I found on clearance at Old Navy for $4!

It’s so fun celebrating my babies and was even more fun that I could do it on budget. 🙂 Happy birthday to my favorite girl!

Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Basic Invite.