gucci GG leather belt: is it worth it?

Especially now that we have kids and are furnishing our house, I don’t splurge on many luxury items for myself clothing and accessory-wise. That’s why getting a Gucci belt for my birthday from my husband this year was so exciting. Since I’ve gotten it, I’ve had a lot of people ask me if it’s worth it. My answer: definitely! I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this belt and I literally reach for it all the time.

Here’s how I know I want to invest in something: I’ve been thinking about it for awhile (I’m talking months or years!), I’ll wear/use it multiple times a week, it won’t go out of style and I can pass it down to Greylen someday. If the piece can check all of those boxes, I usually know it’s worth the money. I’m all about investing in classic pieces that elevate an outfit (bags, belts, shoes) and saving when it comes to trends. This belt is honestly the perfect investment. It’s amazing quality, goes with almost everything in my closet and can be dressed up or down (I dressed it up here and down here).

A couple tips for purchasing a Gucci belt:

  • Make sure it’s exactly what you want. I actually went and exchanged mine three times to get the sizing right (granted I was trying to figure out belt sizing while 9 months pregnant…probably not the smartest idea!).
  • Keep all of the packaging and the receipt. This belt came with a really pretty box and duster bag. When I buy luxury items, I always keep all of this in case I ever want to sell it or pass it down.
  • Get on the wait list. These belts can be hard to come by in the right size. If your size isn’t available, I suggest getting on the wait list at your nearest store (I got mine at the Saks Gucci shop at Beachwood Mall). They will call you when your size becomes available!
  • If possible, buy it in a store for the full experience. Like I mentioned, I definitely don’t make luxury purchases all the time so it was so exciting (and helpful!) to be in the store when I was deciding on style/sizing.
  • In terms of sizing, I got the 80 (for reference I am a 25 or 26 in denim). The buckle fits in the middle hole when I’m wearing low-rise jeans. To be honest, the size guide on the website wasn’t super helpful for me. The first one Ben got was way too small…I had to go in and try it on a few times to get it right. I am taking it to a cobbler to have a few more holes added in so I can wear it with dresses and high-rise jeans. When I do that, it will become even more versatile!

It’s safe to say I’m totally on the Gucci belt bandwagon. I honestly wear it so much that I’m considering saving up for another one (I’ve been eying this one and this one)!

Do you have an investment piece that was totally worth it?! What is it?

top: nordstrom
jeans: abercrombie
hat: forever 21
bag: vintage coach (from my mom!)
belt: gucci
necklaces: lovely paperie
rings: c/o onecklace
booties: jeffrey campbell

 Photos by Little Bit Perfect