how to make a new house feel like home

Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Minted.

Since moving into our new house, getting settled has been a pretty slow process. Most of the rooms are empty, and probably will be for awhile, but I’m doing my best to make it feel like our own. Whether you just moved into a new rental, bought a new place or something else, I think it’s a pretty normal not to feel “at home” right away. I know that part of it is going to just take time but here are some of the things that have helped make us feel comfortable in our new space!

Don’t order takeout

I tried to unpack the kitchen first so we could cook ASAP! Even if you’re eating it on the floor (guilty…we still don’t have a kitchen table), eating a familiar meal with my little family always makes me feel at home. If you can’t cook the first couple of nights and have to order take out, try eating with your regular plates and flatware. I swear it makes a difference!

Play music

It makes unpacking so much more enjoyable!

Familiar scents

Certain smells just make me feel comfortable. I’m a big, big candle fan and I have one lit 90% of the time we are at home. On moving day, I packed up my essential oils in my purse so I had them immediately. I also bought the soap I love for all of the bathrooms and the kitchen. It seems silly but it definitely worked!

Basic utilities

We didn’t have internet for a couple weeks after we moved in (they had to bury the lines and we had to wait for that) and as sad as it sounds, I felt reallllllly lost. Try to get your basic utilities set up as soon as possible.

Fresh flowers or greenery

I am a crazy plant lady and proud of it. I’ve already added some greenery to our space but still literally have 10 planters sitting in my kitchen that I need to fill. Plants instantly boost my mood and I think they bring so much life to a home.

Focus on what’s important to you

Whatever helps ya sleep at night. For Ben, this was getting all of the TVs set up immediately upon arrival. For me, it was Greylen’s room and our closet. Once I had those two things done, I instantly felt less stressed and ready to tackle the rest of the house.

Hang art

We have a lot of bare wall space in our new place and hanging some art made it feel like someone was actually living there! The first pieces of art I hung were from Minted (found here and here). What I love about getting art through Minted is the amazing number of options (literally it takes me hours to pick pieces out!) and the fact that you get to customize the size and frame. They have over 15 different frame styles to choose from and I usually spend WAY too much time trying to decide on one only to go with solid white or gray always, ha! A lot of their pieces are sourced from independent artists, which is another thing I really love about their business. I love reading the artist’s story and browsing their other pieces. Such a cool and unique concept! Oh and by the way, Minted has a whole home section and a Little Mint section (cutest stuff everrrrr!) too so it’s safe to say I’m in trouble.


Rugs, pillows and other comfy things

Home = comfortable. Rugs, pillows, throws, big blankets, you name it. I even got us new, more comfortable bedding when we first moved in.

Don’t rush to fill your home immediately

I wouldn’t categorize myself as a patient person. It’s taking A LOT for me not to furnish the entire house all at once. Besides our budget, I also don’t want to just buy things to buy them. I want to save our money for things we really, really love and pieces that will last forever.

Have friends over!

Don’t be afraid to show people your new space, even if its empty! We had friends over the second night we were unpacking an it was so much fun. They brought a bottle of wine and some food, and it felt like home just to have the house filled with people we love!

How do you make your house, condo or apartment feel like home? Share your tips with me!