joint gifts for siblings

When we were little, we always got a couple “family gifts” under the tree each year and they were always some of our favorites! Check out these gifts that are perfect for siblings to share:

Event tickets
I always think the best gifts are experiences and definitely want my kids to know that not every gift has to be a tangible toy, etc. Tickets to events (like a play, show, movie, concert) make such awesome gifts and memories! P.S. Clevelanders, Disney on Ice is coming to the Q Jan 11-20th!

Sleeping bags
We love a good movie night at our house and Greylen always likes to make a “special bed” on the floor with blankets and pillows. I found these personalized sleeping bags and can’t wait to see both babes snuggled up in them!

Matching PJs
Greylen is obsessed with matching her brother! I know they won’t think it’s cool forever so I’ll take all the matching jammies I can until then!

Personalized sibling book
I recently stumbled on these Hooray Heroes books and fell in love! I got Greylen and Nixon the sibling poem book to share and I can’t wait to see it. This is the perfect way to get the whole fam involved in reading before bed.

Board games
This was always a popular gift in our house growing up. My siblings and I still play some of the games we got as kids!