kitchen update: diy industrial pipe shelves

I just finished up a DIY project and couldn’t wait to share. If you check out this post, you can see the big empty wall next to the island that was just screaming for something! Enter these industrial pipe shelves. I think I first saw these on Pinterest and as simple as it would have been to buy something similar, I really wanted to try to make them myself. Normally this would be super intimidating to me but I felt ready to tackle them because a good friend and I made similar shelves for my office (thanks, Torie!) and I had someone hang them for me (thanks, Ben!). I have a feeling the measuring and leveling would NOT have been my forte. I also just needed a fun project to focus on because almost all of my time has been focused on my babes these days!

Everything you need for the pipe brackets can be found at a hardware store but I priced them out and these off of Amazon actually came in cheaper and also came with everything needed for hanging ($90 for 12 but I only ended up needing 9!). Just make sure you check the size before ordering. I accidentally ordered the 8 inch pipes originally but I needed the 12 inch pipes for the wood I bought.

I got the wood at Lowe’s (they cut it for you right there!), sanded it, stained it with this stain in the ‘ebony’ color and finished with this polyurethane (this also comes in a spray that I want to try!). All of that took about three or four of Grey’s nap times, haha! Hanging took about an hour.

Depending on what you already have at home and how big your shelves are/how many brackets you need, the cost will vary. These came in at about $150 because I had to buy pretty much everything. So, a little bit of an investment but hopefully they will be up forever! And, I have some wood, stain and brackets leftover for other projects.

They are styled with things that were put away in cabinets for now plus some succulents that G and I planted this week. I have a feeling I will change up the styling about 1000 times before I find exactly what looks right! All in all, I think they add a fun and unique design element to our kitchen!