makeup shopping tips from someone who isn’t a “makeup person”


I’m kind of into simplifying/tidying up a lot of parts of my life right now (literally just started this book. I’ll let you know my thoughts if/when I finish it!). As a blogger, clothing/shoe/bag lover and newish mom, I started to feel like I had a lot of “stuff” accumulating. I love throwing things out and organizing and I’m a big believer of “less is more.” Up until a couple weeks ago, my makeup drawer gave me anxiety. There was a lot of old, mismatched, broken, random stuff in there so I decided to give that section of my life a little overhaul. I went the “quality over quantity” route (which I think works best for most fashion and beauty related things), threw a ton of my old stuff out and invested in some new, nicer stuff. I’m closer to 30 than I am 20 so I suppose it’s about time! A little disclaimer…I am NOT a beauty blogger or a makeup person (hence the title of this post). I’m pretty confident in saying you’ll never see me do a makeup tutorial or anything like that around here because, quite honestly, I’m not that great at it. But, I do love sharing tips and new things I love and I’ve found that through this process of revamping my makeup drawer, I’ve learned some things and have come across a ton of great products that I’m excited about!

Some of my makeup shopping tips are:

Let someone do your makeup
I went to Sephora a couple weeks ago and had a consultant there do my makeup. I’ve never done that before but I literally have no idea how to use 90% of the products in that store so not only did my makeup look fab, but I learned a ton. It was also helpful for me because I never know what shades to buy!

…but know you don’t have to buy every product they suggest
The consultant wherever you go will obviously try to sell you the products they use to do your makeup. It’s their job! And sometimes there is definitely a feeling of “Oh, they spent all this time on my makeup. Now I have to buy a ton of stuff!” but really, I don’t think that’s always the case. As long as you are honest going into it (whether you say you’re just browsing or that you’re looking for a specific product), it’s definitely acceptable to allow someone to do your makeup and not buy every single product they use.

Know what you’re looking for before you go to the store
That trip to Sephora that I just mentioned? It had a purpose. Not only did I want to look fab for my hot date (Sesame Street Live with Grey), I needed all new face makeup. While it would have been easy to get distracted and buy new perfume, eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick, I knew what I needed when I went into the store (primer, foundation and blush) and I stuck to it.

Prioritize and buy things over time
There is absolutely no way I could bring myself to buy all of my makeup in one trip. I might have a panic attack! Makeup is so expensive! Realize that it’s okay to buy things over time and it’s 100% okay (and better in my opinion!) to mix high-priced items with low-priced ones. For example, I splurged on my face makeup but ended up heading to Target after and getting some really affordable brushes. Would I love really expensive brushes? Sure, but I know that this is what is happening to them most of the time while I’m doing my makeup: 


Buy kits or palettes
I can’t think of a time where I’ve found buying products individually to be more cost effective than a kit or a palette. I swear by my Urban Decay eyeshadow palette (can you imagine how much 12 individual eyeshadows would cost?!) and I just got a great brow kit by Benefit. As long as you would buy everything that comes in the kit anyways, it’s always the cheaper option. And, they usually take up less room in your bag!


Phew. That was long! With all of that being said, here are some of the products I have tried lately and loved!

Herschel travel toiletry bag (I use it as a makeup bag)
Toothbrush holder for brushes but this brush holder is insanely amazing
e.l.f. brushes from Target – $1-2 (no joke!)

IMG_3350IMG_3401IMG_3410 2

Hoola matte bronzer by Benefit (Natural Bronze) – $29
Quick Fix priming spray by Urban Decay (smaller size) – $15
Photo Finish foundation primer by Smashbox (Natural Finish) – $39
Studio Skin foundation by Smashbox (Warm Fair) – $42
Photo Filter powder foundation by Smashbox (Light Warm Beige) – $42
Studio Skin concealer by Smashbox (Light) – $25
L.A. Lights blush & highlight palette by Smashbox (Pacific Coast Pink) – $35


Naked2 eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay – $54
Better than Sex mascara by Too Faced – $23 (I also love this drugstore mascara for under $5)
Bigger & Bolder Brows kit by Benefit (Medium) – $34
Contour matte gel eyeliner by Sephora (Caffeine Buzz) – $14


Matte lipstick by Kylie Cosmetics (Kristen and KoKo K) – $29 per lip kit and $17 individually (I don’t use liner a lot so if you’re like me, I suggest buying the lipstick individually vs. buying the lip kits)
Lipgloss by Kylie Cosmetics (So Cute) – $15
Full-on lip cream by Buxom (Dolly) – $20
Color Sensational creamy matte lip color by Maybelline – $5


So, there ya have it! With all of this, I feel like my makeup drawer is simpler and overall a lot nicer! I’d love to hear about all of your favorites. Please share!