Going to the lake in the summer is probably my absolute favorite thing to do. I mention it a lot on here but I realized the other day that I’ve never really dedicated a post to why I like going so much or what I like to do there.


One of the best parts of living in Cleveland is how close we are to Lake Erie. At any given time, a little beach giveaway is a short drive away. For me, my summer beach getaway is about an hour away in Marblehead where my family has a house.

I love going there so much because usually my entire family drops what we are doing on Friday evening to go there. I have three siblings and it’s a lot of fun when we can all meet up there to eat, drink and hang out in the sun.


Here are some of my favorite spots in the area:

  • Mon Ami – Winery where you can sit and have lunch or dinner (the bottles, not glasses, of wine are like $8 so take a taxi and have 5!!).
  • Marblehead Lighthouse – For $2 you can climb to the top for a cool view of the Lake.
  • Bassett’s – My favorite grocery store in the area, closer to Port Clinton. Find the feta dip in the cheese section. Best. EVER.
  • Toft’s – Delicious ice cream! Located right next to Bassett’s.
  • The Islands – There are ferry’s around the area that you can take over to Kelley’s Island or Put in Bay.  It’s always fun to go to one of the islands, rent a golf cart, have a couple drinks and grab something to eat!
  • Canoe Club – A wine bar with small plates, appetizers and great wood-fired pizzas.
  • The Orchard – I actually haven’t been here yet but I’ve heard it’s fabulous so I wanted to include it. Located on Catawba Island, I’ve been told the cocktails and food are some of the best in the area.
  • Avery’s – Cute little cafe with great breakfast in downtown Marblehead.
  • Bruno’s – Delicious thin crust pizza in downtown Marblehead (The restaurant is cute but I think they deliver too).
  • Fruits/Vegetable Stands – There are tons of fruits and vegetable stands where you can buy your produce for the weekend. Best corn on the cob ever!

All of these places plus beaches, pools and sun and hopefully you can see why I totally obsess over going to the lake in the summer!


I totally recommend any Clevelander take a weekend this summer and check out the Marblehead area. Take a day trip or look for a house/condo rental. I promise it will be worth it!

Where’s your favorite spot on Lake Erie?