memphis kiddie park

For Mother’s Day this year, we went to Memphis Kiddie Park. I remember going as a kid but definitely forgot how fun it is. I didn’t know if Greylen would be old enough (she was just under 15 months at the time) but there was so much for her to do!

IMG_4582IMG_4508IMG_4529IMG_0137IMG_4532 IMG_4578

What I love:

  • There’s nothing better than seeing your baby happy and mine experienced pure JOY on these rides. Her favorites were the boats and the airplanes.
  • The park is the perfect size and at least when we went, it wasn’t too crowded. Most of the time, Grey had the rides to herself!
  • You pay with tickets for each ride and the tickets never expire. So, if you don’t use them all in one trip you can just save them and go back. I think this is perfect for kids – we all know they have short attention spans! Tickets are $34 for 25 tickets and each ride just costs 1 ticket. I think we maybe used 7 tickets while we were there. There’s no parking or entrance fee which makes the whole trip pretty affordable.
  • Kids can ride as soon as they can sit up by themselves so it’s perfect for a ton of different ages!

I definitely found our new Mother’s Day tradition!

Where? 10340 Memphis Ave, Cleveland, OH 44144