my diaper bag

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I was excited to research diaper bags (any excuse for a new bag, right?!). I knew I wanted something that looked more like a purse I would carry everyday and less like a diaper bag. Enter the Rebecca Minkoff ‘Knocked Up’ baby bag. It’s a thing of beauty! I have always been a huge fan of Rebecca Minkoff. It’s definitely my go-to when I’m looking for a nice purse so this seemed like the perfect fit. I did a ton of research and looked at a ton of options but I kept coming back to this one so I finally ordered it.


From what I can tell, it’s going to be pretty functional (but, I mean, what do I know at this point?!). It has labeled compartments for pacifiers, snacks, bottles, etc., has stroller straps and came with a cute little travel changing pad. It’s currently filled with things I think I’ll need and there’s still plenty of room to fit all of the things I had no idea I needed once the babe comes. Normally, I’d choose a camel colored bag (I think it goes with more) but for a baby bag that’s bound to get dirty, black was the obvious choice.

I know it’s a bit of a splurge but I had some Shopbop store credit burning a hole in my pocket and I just decided to go for it! I love that it will last forever (all RM bags do!) and that I’ll be able to use it as a travel bag when I’m not using it for the baby. I’ll be carrying this thing a lot so in my mind, it was well worth the price.

…Now, I just need the baby!