my favorite weekender bag

Something I’ve been bad about this week: posting consistently. Which is like the #1 tip I give to someone who asks advice about blogging. Whoops. It’s definitely one of those weeks and I’ve just been posting whenever the mood strikes. Forgive me.

Anyways, I’m packing for a weekend trip to Columbus today (yay!) and I thought I’d take a break to tell you about one of my best investments ever, this Herschel Supply Co. weekender bag. Herschel has the coolest bags and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used this one. I’ve noticed I’m not someone who packs a lot of ‘stuff’ when I travel. Of course I overpack when it comes to clothes (who doesn’t, really?!) but as far as products, curling irons, etc. go, I usually just leave them all at home which makes this bag the perfect size for me! It’s also a great size for a carry-on too. I’d say this can comfortably fit 3-4 outfits, 2-3 pairs of shoes and a makeup bag – perfect for the weekend! And, as temped as I was to get a fun color, I’m so happy I went with the black and camel because there isn’t much it doesn’t go with.

What’s your go-to travel bag?