my skincare routine

Ohhhh 30, you’ve come with so many fun things. Things like 3-day hangovers, back pain (?) and skincare routines…

I was getting to the point where I needed a defined skincare routine and I needed it badly! Up until a couple months ago, I was kind of just using whatever samples or products were in my bathroom drawers. I discovered The Ordinary when I was doing my research and besides killer branding (total sucker for branding over here), I liked the price point! Because I had no idea what I was doing, I wanted to be able to try some products with little financial risk (some skincare products can be insaneeeely expensive!). I looked at some example regimens (like these ones!) to get me started and learned about the different products and how to apply (had no idea order mattered though now it seems like a no brainer!). Here is the routine I ended up with:



Twice a week

*Check before using while pregnant or nursing and ALWAYS use SPF while using

I would say my favorite products and the ones I definitely use everyday are the cleanser, Buffet and the moisturizer. Those three will be staples in my routine moving forward. I have been told many times that my face is dry and I’ve noticed a major difference since using these products. I’d love to say I have less wrinkles but I’m not quite sure that’s true (one thing I hope to teach Grey is to establish a skincare routine early on in life – I majorly regret not doing it!). I am still blown away by the price point of this brand when compared to other skincare lines and think the quality is great. I even love the packaging everything comes in! All in all, this was a good move for me and something that should have definitely happened yearsssss ago!

Do you have a defined skincare routine? Products or brands you love? I’d love to hear about it all!

photos: little bit perfect