my toddler diaper bag

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You guys! I officially graduated out of the “infant diaper bag” stage. As Greylen has gotten older, I find that I carry way less stuff (no more pump! no more bottles! no more 5,000 diapers!) and so I was able to switch gears a little bit with the diaper bag. I’ve been wanting a camel colored backpack for awhile and this Splendid one immediately caught my eye. If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for when it comes to bags, it’s gold hardware. If it has a gold zipper, chances are I’m buying it. Not only does this bag have TONS of gold hardware and the cutest striped interior, it is a great size for all of my stuff (wallet, keys, sunglasses, a LaCroix) and Grey’s stuff (snacks, a couple diapers, wipes, a water and some activities like books or crayons). It’s not technically a diaper bag but it definitely functions like one. The best part is that it allows me to keep both hands free while chasing around my little sidekick!

As a side note, I used this bag for 17+ months and I absolutely loved it for the newborn stage and beyond. I definitely suggest a darker color for your initial diaper bag. This one was nylon so it was super easy to clean, too. I have 0 complaints! For more info on that bag, check out this post!