oh boy, it’s a boy!

Ah! We did a “fun,” non-medical ultrasound at BabyWaves last week and confirmed what I originally thought…it’s a boy! We took Greylen to the ultrasound thinking she would love it but she actually left really upset because we couldn’t take him home that day. She was sobbing on the way out saying she wanted her baby brother to come home. It was so sad but kind of cute! Ben is SO excited to have a boy and I’m kind of like ummmm, how am I going to be with a boy?! Don’t get me wrong, I am super excited but I just feel like having a boy is going to be so different and I’m kind of nervous! I’m sure I will look back and laugh about that come July! Regardless, we can’t wait to meet this little man…just about halfway there! Oh and Greylen wants to name him Waffle sooo there’s that.

boots: sorel
leggings: target
hat: the tiny company
jean jacket: carter’s
bib: copper pearl