our christmas traditions

This time of year, I absolutely LOVE hearing about people’s Christmas traditions! Here are some that we’ve done for awhile and some that we started this year:


When I was little, my parents would get each of us a Christmas ornament each year around Thanksgiving time and I’ve continued the tradition with Greylen and Nixon. We have a “kid’s tree” in our dining room with lots of ornaments from when Ben and I were growing up, and theirs! Grey had a lot of fun decorating it this year and learning about all of the different ornaments.

Opening stockings on Christmas Eve

I don’t know how it started but this is what we did when I was growing up! We’re going to open up stocking stuffers and Greylen and Nixon’s gifts to each other on Christmas Eve to break up opening a little!


We started this tradition last year. You can read more about it here but basically, I rounded up 24 Christmas books each year and we read one each night in December. Last year I wrapped them and had Grey open a book each night but this year, I hide it somewhere in our house instead for her to find and she is SUPER into it! We use the books year after year and added a couple new ones this year (like this one!).


My mom still gets my WHOLE family Christmas pajamas and gives them to us on Thanksgiving. We always match and I look forward to them every year.


Greylen absolutely loves hot chocolate (she asks for it every night!) and so a new tradition is going to be getting some new Christmas mugs each year! I found a couple in the Target dollar bin this year and some initial ones at Pottery Barn!

What are some of your Christmas traditions?