our kitchen furniture/decor

We moved in October and JUST picked out kitchen furniture. It was definitely one of the hardest parts of decorating so far! Our kitchen is a pretty open space with a fireplace and I had so many different ideas – a concrete table, a seating area instead of a kitchen table, etc. but we ended up going with a kitchen table/bench/chair combo and I’m obsessed! I’ve been so into West Elm furniture for this house. It just fits the style so well! I actually ended up opening a West Elm credit card because the rewards are so good. They give you a $25 store credit (and on some occasions $50!) for every $250 you spend so when you have a whole house to furnish, you can’t beat it. After this kitchen table/chairs purchase, I’m able to get one of our nightstands with store credit! This is not sponsored at all – I just think these perks are awesome. So far, I’m really happy with the Emmerson table/bench and especially the slope dining chairs…they are surprisingly SO comfortable!

Most of our kitchen decor is from At Home and Target…they are definitely my go-to spots. If you are in Cleveland and haven’t been to At Home in Elyria yet, you have to check it out! It’s a HUGE store and they have everything. Definitely go knowing what you need though because it’s so easy to get distracted and overwhelmed.

We have Grey’s little kitchen and chairs set up in our kitchen. It’s a little unconventional but it honestly helps so much when we are cooking or doing the dishes, etc. She can just color or pretend to make food too. She also loves to cook real food so a lot of times she’s at the kitchen island “helping!”

We still need a couple more art-type pieces and maybe some additional decor (maybe a rug under the table?) but so far, we are loving this space and are spending a lot of time here! I tried to link everything I could below but if you have any questions about anything, let me know!

galvanized tray: joann fabrics (full post about decorating here)
bar stools: at home

table: west elm (72 inch in black pine color)
bench: west elm (58 inch in black pine color)
chairs: west elm (in saddle color)
kitchen table vases: at home (herehere, here)
slate place mats (just cheese boards!): world market

art: minted (here and here)
planters: target
rug: target
dish towel: target
cutting boards: target
fireplace vases + eucalyptus: hobby lobby
fireplace mirror: target
utensil holder: target
candle holders: at home (here, here and here; black candle sticks here)
overhead lights: claxy
vase: target

kitchen: kidkraft
table: kidkraft