podcasts i’m loving

When it comes to the podcasts I listen to, the majority of the time it’s true crime or basic AF. It’s just who I am as a person. Here re some of my current favorites:

The Morning Toast
Here’s one I listen to daily. Whenever I turn it on, Greylen says their signature “goooood morning, millennials!” It’s hosted by Claudia Oshry (Girl with No Job on Instagram) and her sister, Jackie. Each episode (M-F), they “deliver the fast 5 stories you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toast.” It’s pretty light hearted – mostly pop culture and some business mixed in there. They are quirky, the stereotypical “millennials” and it takes some time to get used to their lingo but now I feel like they are my BFFs and I can’t start my day without the Toast!

My Favorite Murder
This is one of the first podcasts I really got into. Each episode, Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff tell a story about a murder but in more of a light-hearted, comedic way. You don’t have to listen to the shows in order and there are literally hundreds to choose from. I also feel like they are my BFFs. Maybe I need more friends, ha.

Dr. Death
My best friend and I started and finished this podcast on our ride to and from Virginia last year. It’s so goooood. It’s the story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a neurosurgeon who continuously botched his surgeries. It’s put together really well and totally hooks you right from the beginning!

The Shrink Next Door
This was teased on Dr. Death so I figured I’d give it a listen. So far, so good. The podcast investigates a psychiatrist who took advantage of his patients, conning himself into their wills, taking control of their bank account, etc. It’s definitely compelling and makes you think…

Armchair Expert
For me, this is a great one to turn on whenever I just want something on in the background, am driving somewhere, etc. Dax Shepard (and his pal Monica who I adore) interviews a celebrity or expert each episode. Like My Favorite Murder, you can just kind of skip around and listen to the interviews that sound interesting to you. Some of my favorites have been Mila Kunis, John Gottman, Kristen Bell, Erika Christensen and Ellen.

Life will be the Death of me
Chelsea Handler just came out with this podcast and it’s definitely interesting. I can go either way with her but I have enjoyed some of her books so I thought I’d try this. Plus, it’s about her journey through therapy which is something I’m always interested in/passionate about. So far, it’s been pretty funny and insightful.

The Last Days of August
I was so surprised how into this podcast I got. It’s the story of August Ames, an actor in the adult industry who took her own life in 2017. I thought the whole thing was sad, fascinating and I really  just love the narrator, Jon Ronson’s, voice.

Some other podcasts I’ve enjoyed are Serial (season 1), Up and Vanished, Missing Richard SimmonsLocked up Abroad and Dirty John. On my list to start listening to next are To Live and Die in LA, Where should we Begin?, and 13 Alibis. I’ll be sure to report back if they are any good!

I’m always looking for podcast recommendations. Have any? Please share!