gift guide: preschool kids

From the true expert…Greylen! She sat down with me and we looked at some of the things we have in our house and use everyday, and I added some things they are getting this year. I plan to do a post soon about our favorite books (we have SO many) so stay tuned for that!

Mara’s Box¬†
This is a favorite in our house. It is a box of different colored objects and cups with activity cards. There are SO many activities ranging from kids younger than Nixon to older than Grey – it truly spans the ages.

Ikea FLISAT table, FLISAT stools, TROFAST bins, and Amazon splat mat
Some of the best purchases I have ever made! The Ikea FLISAT table is perfect for sensory play. We have filled the bins with beans, rice, water, etc. and toys. It keeps the kids busy for so long. There is also a lid so that they can color or read on top when not using the bins. And, the price is so good for a kids table and stools! We use the $16 splat mat for everything – sensory bins, play dough, crafts, you name it.

Zig zag ramp racer
This is something Nixon is getting this year. He has played with these at friends houses before and is amazed! Beware that the cars are small so not a great option for kids who like to put everything in their mouths.

Paint by sticker book
This has been a fun activity in our house lately for Greylen. And, so much cleaner than actual painting! They have lots of options like animals, unicorns, sea creatures, and more.

Kids Night in a Box
I stumbled upon this when I was working on my parents and in-laws guide. They send themed boxes each month full of games and learning experiences. I’d love to try this!

Ikea LILLABO train 
I researched so many trains last year and this one was the most affordable with the best reviews. I’m so glad we got it because it’s Nixon’s absolute favorite thing in our house. He builds “crazy trains” (?) everyday. I also suggest the extra track, battery operated train, and extra trains. All extremely affordable as far as trains go!

Doctor kit
The kids are getting this as a combined gift this year. They’ve used a similar one at a friends house and have loved it! I can especially see Greylen using it when she plays with her dolls.

We LOVE magna-Tiles. They are so fun to play and build with…they keep both of my kids occupied for hours!

Ikea LUSTIGT building blocks
These cardboard blocks are so fun. We love to build huge towers and let Nixon knock them over and play “Jenga” with them. Beware, they are huge so they take up some room!

Board games
I love when kids get to the age when they understand games. Our favorites right now are First Orchard and Zingo.

Personalized sleeping bags
My kids will actually stay in these for an entire movie…they love them! We have had them for a few years and they have held up great.

Four stage rocket ship
This is Nixon’s big gift this year. He loves Greylen’s doll house and I thought this was kind of similar!