restore cold pressed

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How basic am I with that order!? I can’t help it, I LOVE avocado toast and a good acai bowl. And really great ones are hard to find in Cleveland! Enter: Restore [cold pressed].

What I love:

  • They do a few things and they do them well. Juices, smoothies, bowls, coffee, oatmeal and avocado toast. All so fresh and so good.
  • Like I said, I’m a sucker for avocado toast and if I had to choose, that would be my favorite thing here (I like the #2 – smashed avocado, himalayan pink salt, red pepper flakes, extra virgin olive oil, served on probiotic toast).
  • The food and the place itself are very Instagrammable. Gotta love that.
  • There’s a pay it forward wall. How fun would it be to walk in and see that someone already bought you your drink or food?! Coolest idea ever.
  • She looks a little grumpy in the pics but miss G loved it.

Where? 1001 Huron Rd. E. Cleveland, Ohio 44115

How soon is too soon to go back?