rising star coffee

I am currently sitting in Rising Star Coffee sipping a mocha wondering if I’ve possibly¬†found the cutest coffee shop in Cleveland? Perhaps in the world? I had a couple hours to kill after work and decided to treat myself to a good cup of coffee (…not a good glass of wine which is weird for me, I know). Anyways, I mentioned a couple weeks ago how eager I was to try this place and so far, it has not disappointed.

Rising Star 4

Rising Star

What I didn’t love:

  • I wish there were a couple more tables. I am currently sitting on a little bench because the full table and bar stools they have are taken. I could totally see myself plopping down here for a couple hours on a weekend if they had¬†additional seating. (Update: I have secured a table. Life is good.)

What I love:

  • The music. It’s calming and soothing kind of like spa music. Paired with a great cup of coffee, I am instantly free of any stress I came in with.
  • The atmosphere is so interesting. They definitely take a scientific approach to making coffee…it kind of looks like a lab in here. I would love to learn more about what all these contraptions are for…
  • The mocha! It’s the bomb and it had a little design in the foam which is always fun. The barista (who was awesome BTW) also told me they use local milk to make all of their mochas which I think is pretty cool and is apparent in the fresh taste.

Rising Star 2

Well, Rising Star Coffee, it’s official. I love you. And I will be back soon.