school shopping for g at beachwood place

Two days a week, Greylen goes to a flexible childcare center for “school.” I use quotations because it’s not preschool yet – it’s more like structured playtime and we are using it to get her socialized and prep her for preschool next year. For the first few weeks, she loved it! Well, around the time Nixon was born, Grey started crying every morning before school. She just kept saying she wanted to stay home and hang out with me and then she would proceed to cry for pretty much the entire two hours she was there. I knew it was just a transition period (we’ve had a lot of change going on!) but I was still so sad for her!

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and miss Grey is definitely into her clothes and shoes. I recently went on a little shopping trip at Beachwood Place, one of my favorite Cleveland shopping destinations. A lot of times I venture to the East side when shopping for Grey because Beachwood Place has a lot of my favorite kid’s stores – Hanna Anderson, Baby Gap, Nordstrom, Children’s Place, H&M, Zara and more.

Well, on this particular shopping trip, I dedicated the whole day to finding some cute school clothes for Greylen for late summer/fall. I got the best stuff and I must have gone on a good day because almost everything was on major sale (pretty much everything she is wearing in these photos is from H&M and Baby Gap!). She was seriously SO excited when I brought everything home and told her that it was all stuff she could start wearing to school.

I’m happy to report that as of a couple days ago, she is doing MUCH better at school and I feel so much better about sending her. Now, I’m not saying that new clothes and shoes are the sole reason for this (we’ve been REALLY working hard at it each day!) but it definitely didn’t hurt 🙂 She gets excited to pick out her outfits on school mornings and I think it makes her feel special to wear something new.

So, many thanks to Beachwood Place, for not only being a great place to shop but for turning my little girl’s frown upside down with some cool new school clothes! Check out the Beachwood Place back to school events here, “like” them on Facebook here and follow them on Instagram here!

Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Beachwood Place.