stino da napoli

Ciao! Here tonight with a full stomach to tell you about one of my absolute favorite restaurants in Cleveland, Stino da Napoli. I have mentioned it before on the blog but have never dedicated a full post to its amazingness. After a visit tonight with a friend, I realized I had to tell the world (well, the people that read this blog at least) how fabulous it is. I’ve had my fair share of Italian food and this is absolutely, hands down one of the best in Cleveland. It’s the closest thing I’ve had to food that tastes like the food does in Italy.

It’s a quaint little restaurant in Rocky River’s Old River shopping center. One of my favorite parts of Italian culture is the drawn out meals – you sit, talk, drink and enjoy multiple courses – nothing seems rushed. This is the perfect place to get that feel in Cleveland!

My favorite dish is the gnocchi…I literally dream about this stuff. It’s melt in your mouth good! I’ve also had the chicken parmesan and it’s pretty much perfect.

I love desserts and let me tell you, the desserts here are at the top of my list. They are homemade from scratch everyday and believe me when I say, the lemon square is one of the best desserts you will ever have in your life.

So, date night? dinner with a girlfriend? Just craving some good ‘ole carbs? Check out Stino da Napoli in Rocky River. You won’t be disappointed!

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my go-to dish, gnocchi

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literally the most perfect lemon square that was ever made. ever.

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located in the oh so cute, old river shopping area in rocky river!